Cre@ctivity + IDEA 2008
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3rd International Design Week



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Crea©tivity '07

Crea©tivity '06




Crea©tivity '06
400 students and professionals
60 enrolled at the workshops
7 designers of international fame
10 business manufacturers on display
20 exhibition opening days

Crea©tivity '06
800 students and professionals
180 enrolled at the workshops
10 designers of international fame
11 businesses, public boards and institutions represented
5 European design schools
6 Italian schools in the competition
4 guest schools
50 exhibition opening days


Cre@ctivity '07


Cre@ctivity '07


Cre@ctivity '06


Cre@ctivity '06



An event that is deeply rooted in the world of Design. An event that continues to redefine itself, renew itself and then start all over again. Develop.
An event that was created above all from the enthusiasm and need to see different stimulants and objectives converge in a single huge cultural hub.
An event that is also an idea, a vision, a setting and a gamble, that revolves around the subjects of Design, and then plunges deep into them. Headlong.
A point of encounter between creativity and techniques, between research, innovation and formation.
A moment of critical stimulus dedicated to lateral forms of thought and the transfer of knowledge.
A tiny piece of circumscribed reality that also has an international effect. Knowledge, comparison and exchange: Crea©tivity.

Two days full of conventions with Italian and European schools, round tables on the teaching of design, meetings with business companies and designers, workshops, evenings enlivened with creative discussions and exhibitions.

Open to student projects, it is promoted by the Florence ISIA and the Piaggio Foundation, organised by MB Vision and sponsored by the General Direction for Higher Artistic and Musical Education of the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research as part of the National Arts Award.



It is not simply centred around the objective of stimulating dialogue between different contexts, but more around new ways of understanding research and human resources as essential factors for a sensitive development, as well as for the needs for solidarity, social equilibrium and protection of the environment.
Everything is seen from the privileged point of view of the project. Testimonials of reflections that look towards a long-term future.

The aim behind Crea©tivity is the same: to support and spread an idea of project making that pays careful attention to the requirements of social equilibrium, the protection of the environment and solidarity, with research and human resources functioning as active protagonists in this commitment.
However Crea©tivity also wishes to be an exciting moment of encounter that is open to all, where moments of debate or of intense project making alternate with moments of enjoyable and more relaxing entertainment.

A regular high level appointment, a reference point in the international panorama for the spread of project culture and innovation inspired by the desire to share experiences and knowledge.

The curator and organiser of the event is Max Pinucci, designer and teacher at the Florence ISIA.


Award Crea©tivity
+ IDEA '08


All the Crea©tivity+IDEA '08 Award Winners


The I.D.E.A. Award


The jury for the I.D.E.A. '08 award has been nominated as follows: Bimbi, Di Bartolo, Fratter, Morese, Ruffilli, Santucci, Spoldi, Van Onck...

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Paolo Fratter, SkyTG24, is conducting the Pecha-Kucha Night


The Pecha-Kucha Night evening will be conducted by an anchormen of the world of television...

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Crea©tivity at the "Festival of Creativity 2008"


Crea©tivity is once more present at this year's edition of the Festival of Creativity now being held at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence....

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on the 2008 International Design Biennial at Saint-Étienne


A virtual corridor will link the I.D.E.A., International Design Education Award exhibition, hosted at the Piaggio Museum of Pontedera, with the 2008 International Design Biennial at Saint-Étienne, thanks to two video cameras and computer technology developed by 3Logic...

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Crea©tivity WorkOut 2008


Today the ability to create innovation is one of the principal resources available to manufacturers to ensure that their products are competitive...

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Crea©tivity in the plural


Talking about Crea©tivity in the singular is wrong. There are in fact two. The first is the one that opens on November 20th inside the Piaggio Museum and in the larger setting of the town of Pontedera...

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Ministero dell'Università e della Ricerca

Rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione europea
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Accademia Musicale Toscana


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HMI, Re-Lab
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