Creactivity + Idea 2007

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Crea©tivity + IDEA 2007  


Crea©tivity is an idea, a vision and an event that in 2006 involved international guests, students, teachers and professionals.
This year the Crea©tivity project re-proposes its transversal formula with different types of projects, design communications and involvements: events, exhibitions, workshops, debates, meetings and international guests.

Crectivity + IDEA

Crea©tivity aims to become a repeatable format: a cultural container with a dynamic and open continuity.



The objectives follow the lines indicated in the Lisbon Strategy and reconsider research and human resources as essential factors in a sensitive development towards satisfying the needs of solidarity, social equilibrium and environmental protection.
Stimulate innovation as a formative model capable of continual updating and research production.
Give continuity to the project of industrial design started over the last few years by the Piaggio Foundation, the Florence ISIA, the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, the Town Council of Pontedera and other protagonists in the territory: a synergy that has produced excellent results in local education and research.

Crectivity + IDEA


Creactivity 2006

A competition between the most important european design academies.

Giuseppe Furlanis
President of Consiglio Nazionale per l'Alta Formazione Artistica e Musicale
Ministero dell’Università e della Ricerca

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International workshop of Design Schools on Education, Research and Innovation
23rd November 2007

The workshop will conclude the activities and events that will take place during Crea©tivity at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera on 21 and 22 November.

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It will soon be possible to reserve copies of the Crea©tivity+IDEA07 catalogue.

The volume will present the projects taking part in the competition and will illustrate the activities offered by the schools involved in the event.

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The PRINA project

The realisation and setting up of a computerised platform with an innovative logic for design and education.

The PRINA project, financed by the Tuscan Region as part of the PRAI-VINCI programme, dedicated to the nautical part of Tuscany, aims to carry out a computerised platform as an instrument for the remote management of design processes.

PRINA is being carried out by a group of Tuscan companies working in the nautical, design, research and communications fields with the help of the Florence ISIA. In fact working with companies forms part of the training process and helps to bring new stimuli and advantages to the educational spheres. One of the characteristic elements of the software is that it promotes work in collaboration in a virtual environment, a remote bridge between planners, designers, firms and customers. The idea is to optimise the times and costs of the productive line, reducing dispersion and opening speculative areas for research and innovation.

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