Crea©tivity is an idea, a vision and an event that in 2006 involved international guests, students, teachers and professionals. This year the Crea©tivity project re- proposes its transversal formula with different types of projects, design communications and involvements: events, exhibitions, workshops, debates, meetings and international guests.
The Crea©tivity programme, at present being planned, proposes a series of appointments, most of which will take place at the Piaggio Museum of Pontedera, in Tuscany, though other places in the town will also be involved this year; these meetings, round tables, workshops, exhibitions and other events offer the chance to discuss design and all its typical applications, as well as judge it according to various cultural filters and settings.

Crea©tivity collateral events


RIOT – Revolutionizing the Internet Of Things
Contemporary to Crea©tivity:
15 years of LABA
National tour “City of Engines and Innovation”
Exhibit “A Palace and the City”, Ferragamo Museum, Florence
F-Light Florence
Biennial ELIA 2016, Florence