Corradino D'Ascanio:
Backstage of the exhibition
A preview of the exhibition dedicated
to the designer
Piaggio Foundation

40 years of Giovannetti
Edited by
Giovannetti and Angelo Minisci



Between water and sky, flying boats and planes around.From the story to
new research projects.

Edited by
Animation Lights Project

IDEA Reloaded
Retrospective: Four years of International Design Education Award
AFAM Directorate, Ministry of Education, University and Research

Epigrams dream
Crystal and design
Consortium of Crystal of Colle Val d'Elsa and Angelo Minisci

NeuNow Festival
Virtual window on the NeuNow Festival, Tallin, Estonia
ELIA - European League of the Institutes of the Arts

Innovare la mobilità
A cura di
EDI - Progetti & Sviluppo

Farbfest am Bauhaus
A window on the festival of light of the Bauhaus
Edited by
Bettina Pelz

Collateral exhibintions

not ordinary = extraordinary

La creatività è un virus che ci contamina
A cura di
CAMBIA-LABA-MENTI e Angelo Minisci

Graphic Design Show Case
La mostra raccoglie le immagini di alcuni tra i lavori svolti dagli studenti del corso di Grafica
A cura di
Scuola Internazionale di Comics - Firenze

The event also hosts a series of monographic exhibitions, emblematic of creativity, research and innovation.

From projects by the guest Institutes of Design, Schools and Universities to presentations of collateral projects, aimed to pass on skills, to the application of new materials and technology and the proposal of micro-exhibitions organised by the students themselves: a series of events able to carry out a dialogue with a specialist as well as a non-specialist public that will be held in various parts of the town of Pontedera.

IDINTOS to Crea©tivity

IDINTOS is a research project dedicated to the definition and prototyping of innovative ultralight seaplane ...

Crea©tivity insert to Corpoarte Culture Week 2011

Creactivity is inserted in the program of "Corporate Culture Week 2011" ...

IDEA Reloaded

Creactivity 2011 is hosting the first retrospective of IDEA (International Design Education Award), the international design competition devoted to student projects...

Special guest: Gregor Veble

This year to make its valuable contribution to the event will Veble Gregor. Professor of physics at the University of Nova Gorica ...

6th Crea©tivity

Sixth edition of Crea©tivity Manufactured by Comune di Pontedera, the Piaggio Foundation, ISIA Florence, Pont-tech MBVision, the event is dedicated to the world of design...