3.00 pm
Aircraft design and new opportunities for research and industry
Edited by
ISIA Firenze e Dip. Ingegneria Aerospaziale Università di Pisa

.40 pm
Scenarios for Mobile innovation
and Nautical
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hours 10.00 am
From industrial districts
to creative districts
Companies, education and research centers
Edited by
ISIA Firenze e Pont-Tech

hours 10.00 am
From industrial districts
to creative districts 2
Companies, education and research centers
Edited by
Isia Firenze e Pont-Tech

hours 2.30 pm
Internationalization strategies in the formation
Edited by
ELIA - European League
of the Institutes of the Arts


Compasso d'Oro
Edited by
ADI Italia/ADI Toscana

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Edited by
2F Multimedia

Vespa Timesurfer
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Crea©tivity is composed
of different sections, divided
up as follows:

Thematic Keynote
Speech by experts and companies in the filed

Workshop coordinated by designers and companies for students from school of higher education and university

Exhibitions and installations
Product design, projects from schools and guest designers

Presentations and round table
Case history and meeting
about design companies, products, research
and innovation projects

IDINTOS to Crea©tivity

IDINTOS is a research project dedicated to the definition and prototyping of innovative ultralight seaplane ...

Crea©tivity insert to Corpoarte Culture Week 2011

Creactivity is inserted in the program of "Corporate Culture Week 2011" ...

IDEA Reloaded

Creactivity 2011 is hosting the first retrospective of IDEA (International Design Education Award), the international design competition devoted to student projects...

Special guest: Gregor Veble

This year to make its valuable contribution to the event will Veble Gregor. Professor of physics at the University of Nova Gorica ...

6th Crea©tivity

Sixth edition of Crea©tivity Manufactured by Comune di Pontedera, the Piaggio Foundation, ISIA Florence, Pont-tech MBVision, the event is dedicated to the world of design...