Creactivity 2014

On 20th and 21st of November, the Piaggio Museum will host the ninth edition of Crea©tivity 2014. Two intense days of international events: exhibitions, conferences, meetings, hosted at the Piaggio Museum in Pontedera. A privileged window on the world of design, creativity and innovation. An important occasion for profound reflection on the role and on cultural dynamics among schools, universities and businesses.
The event is sponsored by the Municipality of Pontedera, Piaggio Foundation, ISIA Florence, Pont-Tech and MBVision, in collaboration with the Sant’Anna High School, Palazzo Spinelli – Institute for Art and Restoration, Institute Modartech, LABA Firenze, University of Pisa.
The issue of the transfer of skills, technology and knowledge as part of the project is enhanced in this edition of a special issue dedicated to 3D Printing and Digital Design.
The development of these new technologies, combined with the more and more stringent demand for a time-to-market and with the liberation from limitations of technical drawing and representation, make the scenario of a more and more three-dimensional future fascinating. The world of prototyping, rapid manufacturing, digital crafts, service and printers, peripherals and communities of makers represent a drastic mutation in the relationship between the designer and the product, between the user and industry, between idea and matter. An important time to analyze new scenarios, false myths, risks and opportunities. A comparison among the world of academics, professionals, educators, businesses, communities, an all – round point of view that will deal with the various aspects of this change: technical, philosophical and educational.
The Keynote, speeches delivered by professionals and companies in the world of design, will open works on the morning of 20th November. A food for thought, a briefing for the workshop.
As every year the WorkOut workshop will be held, two days of laboratories for 200 high school students (last year) and of universities (undergraduate and specialist) design, technical and creative addressed: a full immersion from brainstorming to project through four thematic areas – Mobility, Product, Fashion and Communication – each coordinated by professionals and teachers. WorkOut activities will begin in the afternoon of Thursday, November 20th and continue for all the next day until the award of the winning projects, selected by a jury of experts. On Thursday the 20th will be concluded with the Pecha Kucha Night, edited by PKN Pisa, a special evening with a particular formula: designers, experts, students, creatives will have 6′ minutes 40″ and 20 images to be known and present their project. An addictive and fast-paced happening, a comparison between old and new talents. During the evening, there will also be the awarding of the Vespa Prize 2014, given by the Piaggio Foundation and dedicated to the memory of Prof. Tommaso Fanfani: a competition on innovation in design for students of national and international Universities, Institutes or Academies.
On the morning of Friday 21st, 10:30 a.m. the Piaggio Museum will host an Open Conference, Scenarios of the Third Dimension: 3D printing, between light and shadow, in the third industrial revolution, a time to meet and discuss the topic of 3D Printing and Digital Design, a comparison among professionals, companies, software and hardware manufacturers, schools, students, makers, communities, research centres. A technical point about the current and future potential of 3D Printing and Fast Production / Prototyping, away from clichés, approached from the perspective of designers, technicians and researchers.
As a frame, a series of expositions and exhibitions, a focus on prototyping and technologies for fast prototyping / production by machinery and technologies, products, studies, research, digital crafts and projects from Design Institutes, schools and Universities exhibited in Piaggio Museum. There will be manufacturers of CAD / CAM software, 3D printers and marketplaces such as Dassault Systèmes, Man and Machine and Shapeways, which with their products and services will create an interactive exhibition / workshop.
The team that from 2003 takes care of this series of meetings dedicated to the design is made up of teachers, young and experienced professionals, students. Among the members of the Scientific Committee, Liviana Canovai, Richard Costagliola, Paolo Dario, Joseph Furlanis, Richard Lanzaras.
Curator of the event, Massimiliano Pinucci. Coordinator of the workshop, Angelo Minisci, organizing secretary of Silvia Masetti.
Media partners, the portal of Sistema Toscana Foundation e il quotidiano Il Tirreno.